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Cool Gif Prussia Hungary switzerland
DeviantArt Copyright Icon 05-05  the art belongs to um i forget their name...xD one sec…   there anyway kudos to them for being an amazing artist and i dont own hetalia if i did usuk would be canon austria X swiss cheese would be canon rochu and nichu would be a little side harem and i would have liked germany female..xD idk why...PRUITA WOULD BE CANON  people would see canada it'd probably not be about history since i'm dumb ass how tf would i know anything without hetalia i didn't even know what tf austria was...laugh laugh all you wany bye twats :DHetalia Spinning Italy Pasta Icon Ve~ Hetalia Germany spinning NO NEIN Icon Russia (Curse) [V2] France (Denies) [V1] Prussia (Evil Sneaky Plan) [V5] England (Hawt Bodeh) [V2] Prussia (Evil Sneaky Plan) [V5] America (The Hero) [V2] Romano emote America emote Germany emote PASTAAA Germany emote Germany emote PASTAAA England emote Romano (Shy) [V2] Grell emote Grell emote Spain (Happy Cashier) [V3] Italy (Happy) [V1] Undertaker emote Latvia emote Italy (Happy) [V1] England (Objects) [V2] Italy (Happy) [V1] Prussia (Money Talk) [V1] Prussia (Money Talk) [V1] Italy Icon I Love Hetalia Kiku Honda -Japan- Answers [Hetalia Axis Power] Italy (Globe Dance) [V2] Sweden x Finland emote France (Love Spread) [V1] America (Happy) [V1] Norway emote France (Intro) [V4] Russia (Joy) [V6] Hetalia Icon Liechtenstein Pixel Sprite - Hetalia Germany's Plan [V5] Norway x Iceland - Hetalia Hetalia Spinning France Ohon honhon hon Icon Hetalia Spinning Russia KOL KOL Icon Hungary Pixel Sprite ~ Hetalia China (Panda Snuggle) [V3] AWPrussia (Explaining) [V4] Arthur WTF Latvia emote :aphpoke: :aphpoke: Latvia emote Poland Emote France (Scared) [V2] XDAmerica (Eating Hamburger) [V1] England (Evil) [V3] APH-Britannia Angel-Free icon Italy Chibi (Diligent Maid) [V5] AWAustria Bad Affair with Germany [V5] [ F2U ] Italy icon I GOT A SHIELD MADAFAKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 

Hetalia Switzerland Nosebleed Chibi Hungary-01 (Smile) [V2] APH Prussia: Sparkles APH Prussia tackle hug Prussia (Money Talk) [V1] xD damn i love prussia (mein gott is playinRomano emote PASTAAA England emoteye- ima tawp
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[X] You have brown hair.... 

[x] ... And brown eyes.

[x] Your erogenous zone is on your hair.

[] You are cheerful almost all the time.


[] You tend to annoy your best friend. 

[] You LOVE pasta. 

[] You love making siestas.

Italian points: 3


[] You have blond hair...

[] ...And blue eyes.

[] You are muscular, and physically strong.

[] You have a friend that annoys you. 

[] You like beer and wurst.

[] You are a BIG fan of BDSM.

[] People call you a neat freak.


German points: 0


[] You have black hair...

[x] ...And brown eyes.

[x] You are shy. 

[x] You don't know how to deal with the 'outside world'.

[] You're mature, as mature as an old (wo)man.

[x] You are terrified of nudity. 

[x] You're an otaku.

Japanese points
: 5


[] You have blond hair...

[x] ...And green eyes.(dicromatic which are a redish dark yellow and green....they appear normal though :D 

[] You have big eyebrows.


[] You appear a gentle (wo)man... 

[x] ...But you're actually sharp-tongued. 

[x] You're cooking is HELL. 

[x] You believe in dark magic and magical creatures.

English points: 4


[] You have blond hair...

[] ...And blue eyes.

[x] You wear glasses. 

[x] You like hamburgers and fast food.

[/] You talk with your mouth full.(if im really excited

[] You're afraid of ghosts and horror movies.

[x] You believe in aliens.


American points: 3.5


[] You have dark blond hair...

[] ...And blue eyes.

[x] You are often ignored. 

[/] You can't remember your pet's name, and it can't remember YOU.(i feel as if my cat forgets i exist....

[x] You hate fighting and are very shy. 

[x] You love maple syrup.

[] You have a polar bear, or polar bear doll. 

[x] You like to wear goggles on your head.

Canadian points:4.5


[] You have dirty blond hair... 

[] ...And blue eyes.

[] You are passionate. 

[] You have light facial hair. 

[] You love wine. 

[] You are bi.

[x] You consider French the ''language of love".

French points
: 1


[] You have beige hair...

[]  ...And violet eyes. 

[x] You are VERY tall.(does it count if i call myself tall

[] You are fat, but claim to be big-boned. 

[x] You seem innocent...

[x] ...But you're actually VERY cruel.

[x] You have two sisters that are COMPLETELY weird to you.(one wont stop gropping me and the just weird


Russian points: 4


[x] You have dark brown hair... 

[x] ...And light brown eyes. (there kinda brown...

[] You are old. 

[] From the superstitious/religious slash, you are more superstitious.

[x] Food is your first priority. 

[x] You tend to act as a role-model to your siblings.

[x] You love pandas. 

Chinese points: 5

Hong Kong:

[x] You have brown hair... (its kinda like a brown red

[x] ...And brown eyes.

[] You have thick eyebrows. 

[] You draw explicit pictures. (i would if i could

[x] You love fireworks.

[x] Not much is known about you.

[] The guy who is supposed to be your 'brother' cursed you

Person from Hong Kong points: 4

S. Korea:

[] You have black-brown hair... 

[x] ...And brown eyes.

[x] You are a pervert.

[] You love groping people. 

[] AND you've actually groped someone.

[] You are photogenic. 

[x] You are obsessed with the internet.


South Korean points: 3


[] You have blond hair...

[] ...And blue eyes.

[x] You tried selling yourself on eBay. (i then realised i didn't have an account and i'd get in trouble but it was as a joke

[] You have an adoptive dad.

[x] You dress in sailor attire.(depends

[] You are very short, but you have a big heart.

[] You have a birthmark shaped like a transistor radio.

Sealandic points


[x] You have brown hair... 

[] ...And blue eyes.

[] You worked as a housekeeper when you were younger.

[] Someone could easily take advantage of you.

[] You tend to depress yourself... 

[] ...Causing you to have a stomach-ache.

[] You are bullied by someone stronger than you.

Lithuanian points: 1


[] You have semi-dirty blond hair... 

[x] ...And green eyes.

[] You are VERY flamboyant. 

[x] You love cross-dressing. 

[] You love the colour pink.

[x] You speak your mind...

[x] ...But when you do, you get shy afterwards.

Polish points: 4


[] You have dark blond hair...

[] ...And blue eyes.

[] You are very smart. 

[x] You wear glasses.

[] You are an ace student.

[] You are the luckiest from your friends.

[] You are very skilled at information technology.


Estonian points: 1


[] You have light blond hair...

[] ...And blue eyes.

[] You are a crybaby. 

[] You get pushed around by someone MUCH stronger and bigger than you.

[X] You love poetry and romance novels. 

[] Even though you're young, you drink A LOT of alcohol and can drink to forty cups.

[X] You have ACTUALLY STABBED someone with a FLOWER.

Latvian points:2


[X] You have dark brown hair... 

[X] ...And green eyes.

[X] Your favourite food is tomatoes.(tied with sushi ramen fish ALL FISH

[] You are passionate and optimistic.

[X] You have the inability to 'read the atmosphere'

[X] You are very fond of children... 

[] ...But they aren't fond of you.(they forced me to like them ;-;

Spanish points: 5


[x] You have dark brown hair...

[x] ...And amber eyes.(they can be amber like yellow sometimes

[] You only eat food from your country.

[x] You DESPISE cheese or potatoes.

[X] You are kind to women... 

[] ...But strict and mean to men. 

[X] You tend to use the words 'bastard' and 'damn it'.

South Italian points: 5


[] You have brown-blond hair...

[] ...And blue eyes.

[] You are elegant... 

[] You are beautiful... 

[/] ...But you are a psycho. (only if someone steals le laptop

[X] You collect knifes.(for protection 

[] You have obsessive love towards your sibling. 

Belarusian points: 1.5


[] You have blond hair...

[] ...And blue eyes.

[X] You are full of humour. 

[] You get insulted a lot, but don't understand it.

[] You are a heavy drinker.

[] It's hard to get along with you, because you are too bossy and demanding.

[] You have an annoying, lopsided grin.

Danish points: 1


[] You have semi-dirty blond hair...

[] ...And dark sapphire eyes. 

[] You are emotionless. 

[] You force your sibling to call you ''big brother/sister'' 

[X] You believe in magical creatures. 

[X] You tend to wear a sailor outfit.(depends i guess

[X] Your accent is weird to some. (some say i sound french some say i sound american some say i sound british...

Norwegian points
: 3


[] You have grey-beige hair...

[] ...And blue eyes.

[] You love puffins. 

[X] You love black licorice. 

[] You may look composed on the outside...

[] ...But inside, you're passionate.

[] Your sibling forces you to call him/her ''big brother/sister'' 

Icelandic points: 1


[] You have brown-blond hair...

[] ...And blue-green eyes.

[] You are stoic and quiet.

[] You may look intimidating... 

[] ...But your actually playful.

[] Your hobbies are sewing or making furniture.


[X] You insist on calling someone you love your 'wife' or 'husband'.


Swedish points


[] You have blond hair...

[X] ...And brown eyes. 

[] Out of your friends, you are the shortest. (my friends are like 4'8....

[] You love the taste of the Finnish salmiakki. 

[] You like the Moomins. 

[] You are cheery... 

[x] ...But WAY psychotic when someone is on your bad side.


Finnish points: 2


[] You have platinum blond hair...

[X] ...And red-violet eyes.(they are brown but can look red

[x] You love to fight.(love hate 

[x] You do whatever you can to avoid marriage.

[X] You're arrogant, but you think of yourself as ''awesome''.

[X] You have bad manners. 

[] You have an entire LIBRARY full of diaries.

Prussian points: 5


[X] You have brown hair... 

[X] ...And dark green eyes.

[X] You enjoy wearing flowers in your hair.

[X] You act very manly. 

[] You've been mistaken for the opposite gender before.

[X] You love yaoi to your best. 

[] You have been bullied in your youth. 

Hungarian points: 5


[X] You have brown-red hair...

[] ...And violet eyes. 

[X] You can play the piano extremely well. 

[X] You wear glasses. 

[] You have composed some symphonies.

[X] You LOVE cake. (i'm sorry but not as great as Hunny Sempai

[] You are a young-master type.

Austrian points
: 4


[] You have blond hair... 

[X] ...And green eyes.

[X] You like guns. 

[] You get trigger-happy easily. 

[] You love the taste of cheese, and love cheese fondue. 

[] You are very mean to everyone, but you have a soft spot for your sibling.

[] You have been hired to be a mercenary.

Swiss points: 2


[] You have VERY light-brown hair...

[X] ...And dark green eyes.

[] You want to look more like your sibling.

[] You are elegant.

[] You are mistaken for the opposite gender.

[] When you imagine, you imagine in sticker-form. 

[] You have a flat chest. 

Liechtensteiner points: 1


[X] You have dark brown hair... 

[X] ...And green green eyes.

[X] You are lazy. 

[X] You tend to fall asleep most of the time.

X] You love cats. 

[] You love to do sexual activities. 

[] You carry a cross.

Greek points: 1


[X] You have dark brown hair...

[] ...And golden-brown eyes.

[X] You like the taste of fish.

[] You wear a dress often.

[] You can't cook to save your life.

[] You are sloppy, but you have a big heart.


[X] Someone keeps groping you. 

Seychelles points: 3


[] You have semi-dirty blond hair... 

[X] ...And green eyes.

[X] You love cats.

[X] You love waffles very much. 

[] You are pushed around by your siblings.

[] You seem cheerful and mature, but you're VERY scary when angry.

[] You will help strangers even, no matter what.

Belgian points: 3


[] You have platinum blond hair...

[]  ...And dark blue eyes.

[X] You're most noticeable feature are your LARGE breasts.

[] You are a crybaby.

[X] You have back pains and chest pains due to your breasts.

[] You have a big heart.

[X] You have acted as a mother to your siblings. 

Ukrainian points: 3


[X] You have black-brown hair... 

[X] ...And brown eyes.

[] You look and are very mature. 

[] You are quiet at times.

[] You like Pho King resturants. 

[]  You like riding on a boat. 

[X] You tend to fight, even though you dislike it.

Vietnamese points: 3


[X] You have brown hair... 

[X] ...And brown eyes.

[] You are a mature girl.

[] You love the pink colour.

[] You are a nervous type.

[X] You can't stop worrying at times.

[X] You are quite smart-mouthed.

Taiwanese points: 4


[X] You have dark brown hair...

[X] ...And brown eyes.

[X] You wear glasses. 

[] You are a high-tech person.

[] You dislike the outside.

[] You are obsessed with video games.

[] You are fairly smart. 

Person from Thailand points: 3


[] You have black hair...

[X] ...And green eyes.

[] You are quiet and don't tend to talk much.

[] You are family-minded.

[] You like pyramids, and Anubis.

[] You beat people up with a stick rarely. 

[] You have an earring on your left ear. 

Egyptian points: 1


[X] You have dark brown hair...

[X]  ...And dark brown eyes. 

[] You tend to wear a mask. 

[] You are so vigorous.

[] You are usually friendly, but competitive.

[] You seem the oldest out of your friends. 

[] You are a show-off, and tend to always know the newest fashions.

Turkish points: 2

Holland (Netherlands)

[] You have light-brown or blond hair... 

[] ...And blue eyes.

[X] You love tulips.

[] You usually keep your hair up straight.

[] You sometimes smoke.

[] You are a lolicon. 

[] You keep a pet rabbit.


Dutch points: 1

New Zealand:

[] You have smooth blond hair... 

[] ...And grey-blue eyes.

[] You own a penguin-like creature.

[] You are a cheery person usually.

[] You have a short-temper.

[] You tend to sweat if you work.

[X] You are lazy at times.

Person from New Zealand points: 1


[] You have light brown hair...

[] ...And violet-blue eyes. 

[] You are seen carrying a koala at times.

[] You have a bandage on your nose.

[] Your brows are thick.

[] You are a wild type.

[X] You like wild animals and keep some of them. 

Australian points
: 1


[X] You have dark brown hair...

X[]  ...And reddish-brown eyes.

[] You have a brown skin tone.

[] You wear Hawaiian t-shirts.

[] You have facial hair.

[] You smoke Cuban cigars.

[] You have an ice cream fetish.

Cuban points




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